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Fri 22nd Mar 2024


11-17 Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 8BH
Ages 18+

Electro giant Vitalic returns to London’s with the announcement of a new live show at Earth Hackney

A true icon & pioneer of electronic music history, a producer that’s perpetually reinventing himself, Vitalic is able to mix techno, rock, disco, pop and punk with equal energy. And yet Vitalic is much more than just the sum of his studio albums - from the very beginning of his career, he has proved his love for electronic live shows, a genre that he has legitimised (in the same way as Etienne de Crécy, Daft Punk and Justice, for example) through his electrifying, near-psychedelic concerts.

Join us and Vitalic for one of the most intimate settings he's played in London.

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